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Hi, Can someone add some tutorials/links to VTD-XML http// Thanks Mano 

very useful for beginners 

nice site for tutorials
this is nice titorial site for computer. 

good one
its short and sweet i liked it very much  

Creating XML Dropdown list that is case-sensitive
How can I make my XML dropdown list, that I'm making in Adobe LiveCycle, case-sensitive? 

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creating index for xml files - XML
creating index for xml files  I would like to create an index file... record in each xml file) { if (new record already exist in index_output.xml(loop through it)) add (name) to index_output.xml else {add(name); add(xml file name 

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Developer's Jukebox
Developer's Jukebox        This Eclipse 3.3 plug-in let's you import mp3 files (can stay anywhere on disk) and play them. The tag information is stored in an XML 

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XML to XML Mapping
XML to XML Mapping  Hi Dear Developer Team, I would like to know how does XML-to-XML and XML-to-database Mapping works? I do not want use any of the popular Software like Altova or sylusstudio .... i mean, i have to program 

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xml indexing
xml indexing  i need code to give index values to the XML node.The value should be preceded by the parents index value,that is if the parent's index value is 1 then the first child should have value 1.1 and second child should 

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HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit
HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit       The HP OpenCall Voice Application Developer Toolkit... OpenCall Voice Application Developer Toolkit, you can: * Create VoiceXML 

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What is Index?
What is Index?  What is Index 

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Read XML in java - XML
Read XML in java  Hi Deepak, I want to read a xml file which have... node,int index) { String nodeName = node.getNodeName(); String...); if (child.getNodeType() == Node.ELEMENT_NODE) { retrieveValue(child,index