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Class in Java

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static keyword
u didnt mention any example for static keyword plz explain static and state that how it is different from c++ static 

Regarding Varibles
please differntiate instance and static variable with program 

about import
u dont mention above example about import why use import key word ? pls explain about import. 

about import
u dont mention above example about import why use import key word ? pls explain about import. 

Hi I new to i have no knowledge about java. so please help me to develope my java language .Thanku 

Please explain
Interface methods cannot be declared as static..Can you explain the reason please. Thank you. 

please differentiate the static and nonstatic variables with a program 

Static Keyword in java
There will be times when you will want to define a class member that will be used independently of any object of that class. Normally a class member must be accessed only in conjunction with an object of its class. However, it is possible to create a 

class content is good  

Java program
Very good java example for fresher. Help full for learning Java in One Day. 

Nice example
I find this example very use full, will be much better if we have rules of static keyword. 

thank u
your service is very useful to, thank u to given this service to us. 

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