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Interviewquestions J2ee Interview Questions

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Current Comments

36 comments so far (post your own) View All Comments Latest 10 Comments:

I want information about space edge technology.

Posted by Pravin on Tuesday, 08.31.10 @ 16:29pm | #99287

Answers are available.useful answers

Posted by malathi on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 15:54pm | #98125

kindly send my for
j2ee all interview ques & ans

Posted by gopianth on Wednesday, 03.17.10 @ 10:37am | #95625

thank you

Posted by kunja das on Saturday, 02.27.10 @ 11:02am | #95159

it is super website for tutorials . Please include the .net(vb.net,asp.net) tutorials

Posted by saran on Thursday, 02.4.10 @ 17:24pm | #94576

This is very useful to learn J2EE.I want simple programs in j2ee. each and every topic ,you give me a sample program.

Posted by -M.NANDHAKUMAR on Thursday, 01.21.10 @ 14:12pm | #94204

what is webservice in java/j2ee.
tell me answer.please.............

Posted by rajasekaran on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 23:27pm | #92971

more interview questions

Posted by vettri selvan on Thursday, 10.29.09 @ 18:17pm | #92200

sir iam finished b.tech IT, and i done additional course java &j2ee in aptech... what type of job can i search in IT fields

Posted by kaviyarasu on Saturday, 06.27.09 @ 19:35pm | #88850

Please send me java/j2ee inteview questions

Posted by siva krishna beerala on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 04:11am | #85469

best notes for interview
plz some good matter send me

Posted by anil tyagi on Monday, 01.5.09 @ 08:19am | #83489

thanks 4 verification(notes j2ee,jsp

Posted by veenasijil on Wednesday, 12.17.08 @ 11:14am | #82883

Terrible english, wrong answers, WTF? This is a pretty distressing statement about what people think it takes to understand how to use J2EE properly.

Posted by Jeremy Regan on Monday, 11.24.08 @ 21:39pm | #81989

Dear to everyone..

Please send some Java/J2EE Interviews Questions and answer pattern..


Posted by Santhosh on Monday, 03.31.08 @ 23:21pm | #54891

i want interview question

Posted by dinesh on Thursday, 12.20.07 @ 17:17pm | #43115

Very Good

Posted by suu on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 16:16pm | #26305

Hey if u can not tell this simplest question then u will not be selected anywhere.Just make them fool.

Posted by ramesh khatri on Thursday, 08.16.07 @ 16:51pm | #23523

Really Best Tutorial

Posted by Nandkishor on Friday, 07.6.07 @ 13:25pm | #20826

I have an interview in java&j2EE with 1+ exp,will they ask much abt EJB&STRuts?

Posted by sunita on Wednesday, 06.27.07 @ 15:26pm | #20275

i am doing my academic project in J2EE.
What are the questions will ask the Interviewer?

Posted by Nisha A on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 20:55pm | #17176

disadvantages in java

Posted by abhilash on Friday, 05.4.07 @ 19:33pm | #15272

can any body tell me the questions that are going to ask about current j2ee project for 2+ exp?

Posted by swaroop on Saturday, 03.31.07 @ 09:41am | #13058

My view is that.....whatever you are doing, the people will try to fool you asking some very modern technologies and then after getting through you will find they are working in Adam's era software...
another thing....its purely my view....its your luck and time.....to get through any interview....but yes...from our side...we should read as much as possible

Posted by Tapas on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 12:56pm | #12550

I think I have an idea what interviewer want's from us........"they want some body who can make them fool".Remember one thing always the other guy seating on the other side of table is just an ordinary compare to you & trying to make other's dumb.......so do answer in such way that they don't understand whether it is true or false make them confuse....so that they can't get on you.

My experience say's:
They reject 30 peoples before me in technical interview....then they called me.I have cleared their interview,the person was happy,suddenly one sitting beside hime ask me math question regarding probability,permutation,combination.
I had really forgot those stuff as not in touch,so i was also been rejected.

Posted by apurba das on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:44am | #11895

all java/j2ee interview questios to send my mail

Posted by vaka_subba_reddy on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 18:03pm | #10253

Every interviewer asking what is ur role in the project. what to discuss wih them.plz anyone help me.

Posted by pinku sahoo on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 14:55pm | #10221

I have a job interview on J2ee, these questions seems to be very valid!

Posted by Todd on Thursday, 03.1.07 @ 21:50pm | #10078

Well, my story is different.
Most of the technical interview Questions are irrelevent to the nature of the job for which the candidates are interviewed. Well, i was asked on EJB,Hibernate & Ajax. Later i got that job. But the project is purely a core java project. Now my knowledge on EJB,Hibernate & Ajax are fading day by day.

Posted by Jagdish on Tuesday, 01.30.07 @ 14:09pm | #4693

where we have to use overriding in our projects?

Posted by ravi on Thursday, 01.11.07 @ 10:28am | #3180

i have been searching for job in java/j2ee failed in 4 interviews

Posted by raveendernath chowdary on Thursday, 01.11.07 @ 10:26am | #3179

Differentiate between .ear, .jar and .war files.
this link explains well bout it.the answer given above is diff..

Posted by Sathya on Friday, 01.5.07 @ 22:14pm | #2728

I am also in the same boat as in Venod is. I am carrying an experience of 3 years and facing too much of problem in clearing Java/J2EE interviews.
I would like to know that is it necessary that every J2EE developer should know EJB ??? I havn't worked in EJB ever and when i tell this to interviewer, I am out.
Why is it so??

Posted by Pravesh on Saturday, 12.23.06 @ 14:02pm | #1489

Agree With Eric and Lakshmi,
I have 4 Years Exp. and looking for a change. I failed in two interview, because I did not answer some of the questions. These things I am doing it in the code and doing day in day out, do not understand why I need to know What is marker interface etc is.
We are left on the mercy of the Interviewer eventhough your project becomes success.

RoseIndia reference sure is a Thumps Up.
Thank you roseindia

Posted by Venod.R.G on Saturday, 12.16.06 @ 00:35am | #1082

I do agree to both of you (Eric and Lakshmi). I have some 14 years of IT and 4 years to Java and stuffs experience. No mater how much you prepared, it is the interviewer’s question that only determines your success in the interview. You may know how to do it or find quickly how to handle certain situation but does not help much in the interview. Only the limited questions that interviewer ask you PERIOD. Things has changed a lot lately, I do not know what happens in the .NET environment.

Posted by JAY on Wednesday, 12.13.06 @ 03:25am | #919

I agree with Eric. I too have 7 years of experience and looking for a change. Finding it difficult to attend technical interviews. Reading those java/j2ee books is so boring.So searching for sites like this to review my memory on the concepts.


Posted by Lakshmi on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 05:41am | #863

I recently was forced back into the job market after working for 10 years as a software developer (7 years in java). Now I am on the interviewing scene and I'm bombing big time. I had 4 interview (3 phone/1 face2face) and in every case I've been turned down. I stumbled on 30% - 50% of the technical questions they ask. Its not because I dont know Java or have no experence in Java. My issue is I cannot remember every freakin minute java implementation/concept details. I do understand these details and concepts and can apply the knowledge to solve any programming issue in a work environment, but When put asked to resite the wealth of information that makes of the java phenonmia, I just cant do it and be 100% correct. My question, can even the best gurus in java say "they dont know it all" or let alone, repeat it all (without the help of reference material)?

Posted by Eric Minor on Sunday, 12.10.06 @ 13:46pm | #728

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