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Create Excel Sheet Using JSP

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The code is very good. 

how to run this file and how add this file in xls sheet. 

Freezing panes in Excel generated using JSP
I need to freeze panes in the excel example you have given. Can you tell how we can do the same? 

I want to enter data in seperate sheets
Hello I want to enter data in seperate sheets and I want to have my own sheet names can I achieve this??? I want to enter data automatically in ecel sheet using HTMl table in the browser 

create a graph on a jsp webpage
how to create a graph on a jsp webpage 

how to filter a column
how to filter a column? i mean, for example jsp form table has name, surname, referance number... etc. and i want to filter name and surname. Excel has to show only referance number when i check the check box(es). 

Using Tomcat/Chrome
It does not display an exemel spread sheet in the browser it instead prompts me to download the file? 

Muy bueno el ejemplo Saludos Keny 

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