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JSF selectItems Tag

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this works in firefox but not in netscape and IE
I was not able to get this working in Netscape 9 and IE 6. I have no errors it just does not disable the first choice. In Firefox is ok. Where could be the problem?  

Prepopulating selectmanycheckbox from database
Say I have 4 roles and this player has 2 of those roles when I present his data. How to I check the checkboxes of the two roles he alreay has when I'm loading from a database using a list. Here's an example: public ArrayList<SelectItem> getRole 

thanks! just a small correction
unlcosed quote on last item causes error... options.add(option); option = new SelectItem("ch5", "choice5); options.add(option);  

Hi!how get current select option in next jsf page?

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