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Rounding off in Java - Round two decimal places



Good, Worth reading. 

It is very easy to understand 

Creation of rounding off scheme?
Why did you create your own rounding off routine when Java has its own rich rounding off scheme (see see the api for class "RoundingMode" at 

excellent Idea
Nice solution 

You sample helped me quickly. I don't feel like nor have the time to look through the Java API to find out where they've hidden this basic functionality. Thanks 

thank you
this round off function is very useful... thanks a lot 

BigDecimal approach
double d = 1.0; int places = 4; // See BigDecimal javadoc about why you often want to use the String constructor double rounded_double = new BigDecimal(d.toString()).setScale(places,BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP).doubleValue(); 

Not Required to write this much code
float num = 2.956165f; DecimalFormat decimal = new DecimalFormat("#.##"); System.out.println("Rounded of decimal::::::::"+decimal.format(num)); 

thank you everybody for this program... you rules!!! 

Write java program using class name watch and instance variable are hour,minute and second  

But why?
Why not just: Math.round(xx*100)/100 if u need to round two decimals? Or 1000 if u need to round 3...?! 

Methods should not have capital letters.
It's not convention, and is confusing to new programmers. Method should be camelcased, with a lowercase first letter. namely: public static float round(...) Also that method should probably be private, as it isn't need outside the main me 

another solution
public float roundUp(float value) { DecimalFormat dformat = new DecimalFormat("#.##"); return Float.valueOf(dformat.format(value)); } hope it helps. 

thanks for this website
thank you for the information that this website give about rounding off disimals....because of this i make my score perfect in our exam yesterday.... 

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