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Versions of JSF, Latest Version of JSF, Latest Release of JSF



i want a question
i want need answer my question. 1).How to communicate ejb in struts? please explain briefly 

communicating ejb-struts
hi kalyan, this is the process how it is done the process of struts ejb communicate is request go from jsp to action servlet ,servlet hand over the request to revelent action class, action class sends the request to the ejb,and ejb perform the 

Thanx for the article. I wander what are the bugs fixed in JSF 1.1 

Nice website, nice article
Hi really like the articles here, easy to understand the testable. Really appreciate the effort from RoseIndia. Thanks Steve 

JSP 2.1 is developed under JSR-245 and JSF 1.2 is developed under JSR-252. These two groups have experts and they are working independently but the main focus of development was to provide more support and compatibility between these two technologyht 

Update the Ice-faces also as Plugin of JSF Thanks  

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Versions of JSF, Latest Version of JSF, Latest Release of JSF
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