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JSF Life Cycle

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Good tutorial
Great tutorial but equally pathetic english language. Makes it hard to figure out at times. 

Good question.will give the answers soon 

JSF & Faclets
Hi Rose India Team, I am searching the detailed notes for JSF & Facelets.Couls you please furnish me the following details : 1) How JSF differ from JAVA.What kind of special features are avialble in this Concept? 2) Advantage of JSF ; How it cou 

aticle rating
the article is fine,but beter mention the page numbers at the bottom so that the page navigation become easy rating is 4 / 10 

answers to good questions...
paddy, your work will help a are the answers.. 1. JSF is a 3 letter word while Java is a 4 letter word. I have heard, JSF has something to do with faces and smiley..upside downs this :-( 2. JSF can help you launch a satellite.  

JSF Doubt
Hi , I am Yuga working as a software engineer.I have one doubt,in my requirement is I havelist empName and deptName are two columns in a emp table empName deptName yuga JAVA Ravi JAVA Reddy  

its good. Plz send me more details on JSF example on my main ID. Thnks 

Simply Superb
JSF Life Cycle Explanation is Simply Superb 

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