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Web Services - Web Services Tutorials
Very Good Article, simple to follow. Please have more such articles published 

Excellent !! Explanation is indeed simple and provides enough insight into the topic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge  

Good Article
Its very good article for brginners, But the terminology needs to improve. 

Excellent !!!
The article is very good for beginers,It gives good introduction of web services.Keep up the Good Work. 

nice material 

Web Services Tutorial
Excellent Course Material to make a quick Start. 

my evaluation about roseindia
Hi experts! i love roseindia very much! it describes any technology very simply which helps understanding deeply. Long Live RoseIndia! thanks and best regards. 

in java point of view it will be the database point of view i mean SQL server very less information.Its be will useful if you add more data. 

posted by nayagi
this site was explain the concept is clear and simple.Explanation is indeed simple and provides enough insight into the topic.  

nice material
by reading this material ,now i get clear idea abt webservices  

Web Services
This overview about Web services was good and neat. But I found it too basic OR is it just my opinion! I'm a regular here... Great work RoseIndia. Keep up the good work. Cheers 

Excellent Document
Thanks for the good documentation. I do have one doubt, Basically in web services communications are implemented by SOAP which is used by both web service consumer and the web service exposer, so all the configuration information will be store 

I really like the way Rose India tutorials clearly demonstrates the topic in simple words.Thanks a lot for the excellent tutorial..Rose India s the best one for freshers... 

Very informative article
very crispy article. I read about webservices earlier but couldn't understand the concept clearly. I am greatful to the author of this article for making the webservices simple to a novice like me.  

Excelent work
I have to thank all of the roseindia work team. This web is just awesome. I mean, everything is so clear and well explained. God bless you all! You gotta a fan! 

Good Read
I enjoyed it and thought it was informative 

Excellent for beginners 

Regarding WebServices
Basic explanation of webservices is good but required much more info with examples. 

I did enjoy the brief tutorial a lot!!. It's very clear and go to point. 

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