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What is Service-Oriented Architecture?



Nice material
This is the valuable information for beginners of SOA and webserices. 

Wanted to know how to built Email Server
Respected sir/madam, i vishwanath studying in diploma III year, from our college we selected to do project on Email server please guide me to complete. with regard 

This is the valuable information for beginners of SOA and webserices. 

comments on matter provided
Dear Sir/Mam, I am pretty glad to see the matter you have posted on your site. This could be handy for freshers as well for experienced developer. Keep doing such a nice work. Thankyou  

Webservice usage
In this example webservice is one entity ,if you develop this webservice,then any Web application(say News sites) can invoke this service and get the weather report. 

soa example
It is better to give one real time example. No individual examples as given above. Suppose A, B are sevices. How A requires the service of B. For example which service will require weather information from Weather Services.  

a question
i'm developing webservice to check email address, i use java languge but i don't know how to create webservice ?  

The information is vaulable from a beginners perspective, ie is provided in very simple words.. 

This is the valuable information for beginners of SOA and webserices.  

Try to put more and more tutorials from basics. appreciated ur effort 


Excellent information for beginners. 

I come to know about the basics. Thanks. what is WSDL? If u explain it,I will be thankfull to u. 

The information is very useful for beginners 

simply excellent... thanks 

simply best
way of explanation is simply good 

Have gone through many websites to understand what is SOA. None of them are clearly explained. But this makes me to understand in one shot. 

GOOD Material 

about site
this is very good site for prepartion programing 

Service Oriented Architecture:
Thanks really great job .... so simple to understand the concept of SOAP ...  

Help Needed in Webservice Automation Using QTP.
I am going to Automate Some application using webservices In QTP. Im new to this Area please share your Experiances .which will help me a lot to start my project works. with advance thanks. George.D>E 

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