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Working with sessions

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nice one it was a simplified one
nice one it was a simplified one 

what are the arguments u are passing to seeion.get
what are the arguments u are passing to seeion.getattribute().i am bit confusing about sessions .can u give me clear idea of sessions thanks........  

I have dynamic collection in my session and I nee
I have dynamic collection in my session and I need to display selected attributes for a object from this collection in my jsp page. how it is possible and what are way to keep this in session... 

what is the similar code for ISSET() in PHP?
what is the similar code for ISSET() in PHP? 

what is the difference between session.getAttribute("") and request.getAttribute(""), session.setAttribute("")& session.getAttribute("");.  

about session
any one can give the details of usebean in jsp 

how to retrieved the data from session to database  

how to use an array in session
how to send a list of random nos stored in an array through a session??plz help me.. 

log out off session in jsp
Hi I work with sessions and want to know how i can code te logout out of a session.I have to put it behind a button! Can anyone help me with this? Wim 

Session In JSP
sir how can we manage session in JSP and how can we verify that the user is in the current session or not?????????????? 

jsp session meaning 

hello all of you 

Session cannot be disabled
Hi, I am using session to get the username throught out the pages .But I want to check the same when each page loads .I tried using if condition but its not working.This is important since there are two kind of users in my application and one should 

if any one know about how to access the lotus mail inbox from jsp and using jsp how to store the password to access database with encrypted format. 

about session
how can i implement session in jsp 

run the source code in browser
how to run program 

I want a code for logout from the session i am using jsp.. 

Hi, I would like to know how to use jsp for login then authenticate with the database, if the user exist, then lead to another page. does this uses EJB? please enlightened me 

Your examples are very easy to understand and particularly interesting for beginners. Thanks a lot cuz you helped me so many times... 

It is good... 

Try to illustrate some effective and more no of examples. 

jsp-session example.
how to use the session attribute inside any loop i cant able to access sessio.setAttribute with in the loop can any one help.... thanks in advance 

this is very usefulpage in my project
this web - site is very useful for any 1 who doesn't know about jsp.i really thanks. 

jsp tutorial
pls send information abt jsp coding of forgot password immediately.its very urgent. we r doing our project and our sir don't know abt help us out.  

please write simple code
please suggest same simplified code and explain it literaly how it works with example n output reply immediately. I need it bcoz my project demands n its time of submission close 

You save me
Hi, this is vishal.... I like your site because every example is given in very simple language... Thank you for creating this site.... 

Hi, I am technical recruiter joined recently, i am not so techci so i found your site and found some usefull things, i would appreciate your effort in creating this site. can you have all the skills posted to me or on your portal so that just n 

Please, see the Documents 

Thank You
This is very useful to us because, thanks for creating this website 

Answered My Question
Thanks a lot for this. I have been looking for this solution for 2 days. 

I want code for logout in jsp 

hii thz sudhan
how can i implement the program can u brief abt that......... 

i thank you for this amazing website really helped me a lot thank you  

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