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FreeBSD Books

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C language metrial
The program will be not correct in the page.That's are all pages r be probabulity. Please geive me a currect notes in programs. Eg:- # include<stdio.h> main() { Int n; clrscr(); Printf("enter n va 

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C++ programming language  int main() { int i = 1, c = 0, sum = 1,j ; scanf("%d", &j); while (i <= j) { sum = sum + (i /3+i/5); printf 

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c programming language - Java Beginners
c programming language  int main() { int i = 1, c = 0, sum = 1,j ; scanf("%d", &j); while (i <= j) { sum = sum + (i /3+i/5); printf("%d 

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Learning programming language  Hi, I am srikanth i want to learn java programming language without knowing C language.I am very new to programming and i want to learn this language.Can you suggest me to learn the language 

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