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Java Programming Books

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Triangulation algorithm in java
Friend i need triangulation algorithm using java for grid. 

Book of Java
Please Book 

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Java Programming  Books JSP Programming Books... Programming Books A Collection of Large number of Free books is presented here. You can browse these high quality programming 

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algorithm  convert this algorithm to java code IsSample_PAS: 1.for every attribute value aj belongs to ti do begin (here aj=1,2...,ti=1,2..) 2.if(CF... false; (this is algorithm from ieee paper QUALITY AWARE SAMPLING AND ITS 

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algorithm  Hi all, i have a task which is create an algorithm from a java code.and i need help from u guys to check on my algo put a comment... on this matter... thanks a lot. here is my algorithm: > Input 

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Java Programming Books
Java Programming Books        ... this brief: This Java programming stuff is a lot easier than it looks. I'm...;    Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform 

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Problem analysis and algorithm design (i.e.: flowchart, algorithm)
Problem analysis and algorithm design (i.e.: flowchart, algorithm)  Problem analysis and algorithm design (i.e.: flowchart, algorithm)for this question.Write a Java program that prompt user to input a number of students 

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Algorithm - Java3D
Algorithm  what is NaiveSimilarity algorithm? How we use this algorithm to recognize a face in face recognition (using Java)? which is the steps involved in this? Which is the database used to store an image 

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programming, and had lived to tell the tale-David in Graphic Java....   Books of Core java Server Faces...JSF Books          

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C4.5 ALGORITHM  I am doing my project in data mining.Any body having code for C4.5 decision tree algorithm in java with output.Help me Friends 

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Conflation Algorithm
Conflation Algorithm  implementation of conflation algorithm is possible using java?? conflation requires file handling a text contains stop words(is,or,and,.,)remove this words remove suffix(ing,ed..) remove equal words count 


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, Ajax Patterns and Best Practices by Christian Goss, Apress Books Ajax Programming... Java+XML books under his belt and the Freemans are responsible for the excellent... Ajax Books       AJAX