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Current Comments

76 comments so far (post your own) View All Comments Latest 10 Comments:

Hi.... Excellent work pretty easy to follow and understand the tutor. Thanks for your wonderful work.


Posted by Sam on Thursday, 10.7.10 @ 19:09pm | #100112

This tutorial is very good. Thanks for such a easy to understand tutorial.

Although there is zip provided for the code but its not complete. after chapter 35 source code is not complete. Please provide source code (java and sql files). It will really help to understand it fully.

Posted by natureantimatter on Sunday, 06.27.10 @ 22:10pm | #97813

thanks very much this is very usefull stuff and these tutorials are simple and easy to understand.

Posted by Venu Kairi on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 03:43am | #96849

Tutorial is very simple and easy. I learnt a lot from this.

Thanks and keep doing nice work.

Posted by Upemdra Singh on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 17:45pm | #96808

hi rakesh lakhore from indore .This site is good for learning servlet and jsp.

Posted by rakesh lakhore on Tuesday, 04.6.10 @ 13:21pm | #96153

I am getting error as "org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: could not update" when i update anything in my application with hibernate 3 and oracle 8i database.. The same application version works fine with hibernate 3 and oracle 11g database.

Please help me..

Thanks in advance..


Posted by Yashashree on Friday, 04.2.10 @ 21:02pm | #96068

Thanz for ur clean presentation.
i m new to hibernet....
now i have learnt something now i love to do more work using Hibernate.....
Thanz sir

Posted by Haja on Friday, 03.5.10 @ 15:37pm | #95329

this s really good tutorials to get the information in a easy manner

Posted by chetha ram .s on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 11:44am | #95134

Hello Sir,

roseindia is a great site. All the tutorials available are excellent. what I felt missing about Hibernate tutorial is Assossiation Mapping & Collection Mapping.
i request you to please include above topics in your tutorial.

Thanks & Regards

Posted by Maneesh on Saturday, 01.30.10 @ 07:29am | #94443


Posted by ALIY on Friday, 01.1.10 @ 12:16pm | #93727

Tutorials are simple and easy to understand. I appreciate your good work and intention.
Thank you.

Posted by Berkin on Tuesday, 12.22.09 @ 14:25pm | #93559

how to load the partial object by using nativesql in hibernate.

Posted by shakti on Monday, 11.23.09 @ 14:52pm | #92797

Thanks for this excellent and easy tutorial. I was struggling to understand an hibernate integrated framework. You made it so easy.

Thanks Again.

Shilpa Fuckee

Posted by Shilpa on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 15:27pm | #89774

Its a great tutorial for hibernate,i found it very useful to jump start quickly with hibernate.
Thanks once again.I appreciate your work.

Posted by sreenath on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 15:39pm | #88362

hi i wanna know how to install the hibernate software.

Posted by hiren sahoo on Monday, 05.11.09 @ 11:46am | #87586

Thanks so much man for this great tutorial.I was finding it really hard to understand hibernate and how to run first application...You made it so easy in this tutorial...

Posted by Vishal on Thursday, 04.30.09 @ 23:45pm | #87305

It's a wonderful start for Hibernate lovers. Good work.

Posted by Anand on Wednesday, 04.1.09 @ 16:47pm | #86416

I find very interesting your tutorial.
I need your help for a small aplication Hibernate/Oracle.
I have no problem in connection between hibernate and oracle 10g. The problem comes when i try to insert any values and update, save, edit.

send me plss a small examples in code with 3 tables in Oracle DB for a better understanding how hibernate works.

thanks and regards !!!

Posted by Viorel on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 15:54pm | #86169

in this site coding are illustrated in nice way.It very useful.

Posted by geetha on Friday, 03.6.09 @ 08:47am | #85564

Its really great work. I am now a very much confident about taking Hibernate project here onwards

Posted by sachin kathawate on Thursday, 02.19.09 @ 08:26am | #85026

You have done marvellous job by adding easy to understand tutorials of sturts hibernate etc.
Keep it up ....
God bless you

Posted by praveen on Wednesday, 02.18.09 @ 04:46am | #84970

can i achive the friend function in java?

Posted by subramanian on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 05:56am | #83526

Thank You so much for your tutorials. These are very easy to learn and understand.

You people can publish book on these. Wish You all the best...

Posted by Damodar Mukhopadhyay on Friday, 01.2.09 @ 05:51am | #83411

This is a gud tutorial for bigners as well as professionals..

Posted by akhilesh on Thursday, 12.25.08 @ 23:57pm | #83169

Thanks alot for your efforts for explaining the basics in a lucid manner....its very helpful.....


Posted by santosh on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 01:38am | #78602

Thanks for this excellent and easy tutorial. I was struggling to understand an hibernate integrated framework. You made it so easy.

Thanks Again.


Posted by shilpa on Friday, 09.5.08 @ 07:14am | #77203

Are you planning to write a tutorial for hibernate with Spring MVC (hopefully in netbeans)?



Posted by Anil on Wednesday, 09.3.08 @ 06:32am | #76916

Good tutorial. It helped me understand hibernate concepts clearly.Great work. Thanks :)

Posted by Sailaja on Wednesday, 07.16.08 @ 16:00pm | #67530

I can't explain in words about your tutorials quality.It's our luck to have some one like you.
Each and every part of your tutorial is un parallal to any one.I have read you Hibernate,Struts tutorials.
Great job,keep it up.

Posted by vikrant kr sharma on Saturday, 05.31.08 @ 00:28am | #61486

its a wounderful tutorial by an knowleded person

Posted by padmakumar on Saturday, 05.24.08 @ 12:26pm | #60854

It is very good tutorial to understand hibernet in eazy why.

Posted by Shailaja.Yelloze on Wednesday, 04.2.08 @ 18:04pm | #55128

i am new to hibernate.i want to use text editor(notepad) for typing hibernate java source code then using console(DOS promt)for compile and run the hibernate program.how can i do this hibernate process with above tools.

please send me the clear steps for the hibernate execution with the settings.

please help me

Posted by chittibabu on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 17:58pm | #49964

Thank you for your great efforts. Really appreciate that. All the examples were very neat and clean and every easy to understand for a beginner on technology.

Great Work and keep it up.
Thank You once again.

Posted by Job on Thursday, 01.24.08 @ 08:34am | #45973

same title you have to load to set up my database
i'm can not find link in totorial


Posted by so on Thursday, 01.17.08 @ 20:10pm | #45457

the tutorial u have given it is on mysql database. i faced the problem while i use oracle 10g. i have added the jdbc14.jar, log4j.jar file to my experiment. the example i am trying i.e, from

1. generator element eclipse automatically built as "assigned". but in oracle i have created two sequence, two trigger to generate sequence value when i insert new record to two tables CUSTOMER(master) and BOOK(child) for primary keys.
though there is no auto generator in primary key values for oracle. so i can't give generator element as "sequence"

2.there is no problem in connection between hibernate and oracle 10g. data retrieval is possible.but problem comes when i try to insert any values and update.

send me suggestion or if u say i will send my experiment project to you

thanks and regards

Posted by sandip salokya on Friday, 01.4.08 @ 09:05am | #44484



Posted by PRAKASHK on Friday, 12.28.07 @ 00:32am | #43984

Hi friend,

I could not appreciate you after seeing this website. Hats off to you.

I dont see Struts tutorial which was there in the top menu few months back. COuld you tell me please?

Posted by MK on Friday, 10.12.07 @ 19:41pm | #33445

Can anyone please tell me how to call JDBC and Hibernate from a single DAO.

Posted by Suha on Wednesday, 10.10.07 @ 14:28pm | #33006

great site which gives a person sound to know what the technology exactly is .it gives a good base to a person . tahnks for this site

Posted by vyas on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 18:10pm | #31382

i need hibernate examples with web application support

Posted by China Badurulla Chetturi on Tuesday, 09.11.07 @ 11:44am | #26726

pls suggest some tutorials for Tibco Software.

Posted by Mujubur Rahman on Tuesday, 08.7.07 @ 11:55am | #22839

Roseindia site is very good for begineers. Letting us to understand easier.

Posted by saravanan on Thursday, 07.26.07 @ 12:16pm | #21975

want to learn this new technology

Posted by boboi on Thursday, 07.19.07 @ 18:34pm | #21591

Hi All,

I worked as a Database Modeler. I am not aware of Hibernate. My Input for database modeling is UML model. Is any ebook or documents avaialble to map UML to Database Model. Also, if any hibernate mapping issue should be taken care while modeling UML to Database.
Is any one of you available any ebook or documents related to Hibernate for Database Modeler, then please let me know
Thanks & Regards,

Posted by arun on Thursday, 07.5.07 @ 15:52pm | #20773

it's very simple,understandable and efficient.u know it's very difficult to teach that way
******** we want EJB that simple way***********
please help number of students have fear plzzzzzzzzz.remove it with ur hands

Posted by uday on Tuesday, 06.12.07 @ 09:42am | #18958


This tutorial is one of the best tutorial I have read on Hibernate.

It helps you learning Hibernate easily.


Posted by Gopal on Monday, 06.11.07 @ 14:33pm | #18905

Great Tutorial...

But please give some example on how to Perform Update Delete Operation in Object...
and also give some example for same operation by the HQL Query.......

If is the Possible to include some example for Composite-id.....when table does not contain the Primary key.....

Posted by Ashish on Saturday, 06.2.07 @ 17:19pm | #18024

Kodus to Deepak for providing such a nice tutorial on Hibernate. very Informative..

Keep it up...

Posted by xavier on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 15:59pm | #16258

Its very nice explanation for Hibernate with example, i really enjoyed by this tutorial i don't any knowledge on Hibernate previously but now i can write the programme using Hibernate.

I got that much confidence after reading the tutorials through net.

I'm very thankful to Mr.Deepak Kumar.

My humble request to Mr.Deepak Kumar, please keepon posting the articles,tutorials on various technologies & frameworks.


Posted by sridhar on Thursday, 05.10.07 @ 12:43pm | #15559

Thank You,RoseIndia for the information given on Hibernate technology, I think the strategy try first the simple program and then go deeper is extra ordinary
Thank you Once Again

Posted by Uday Thakare on Wednesday, 05.2.07 @ 12:43pm | #15157

great tutorial..really really helpful

Posted by vini on Thursday, 04.26.07 @ 14:39pm | #14975


what drivers we need to use for MS SQLServer?
In my proj i want to use MS SqlServer as my database.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by kiran on Thursday, 04.26.07 @ 14:14pm | #14973

i always found your tutorial easy to understand . i learnt struts, hibernate from rose india , this is best site for beginers for learning new technologies.

Posted by Deepak Sharma on Tuesday, 04.24.07 @ 19:46pm | #14870

provide complete notes about HQL v/s SQL

Posted by ravi yadav on Thursday, 04.19.07 @ 22:45pm | #14585

i really need the example of how to use joins in the hibernate and how to run the queries in the hibernate using joins

Posted by Mohit Uppal on Monday, 04.2.07 @ 19:19pm | #13204

Great tutorial so far i have seen ever, everything you have here for the beginner.
Thanks a lot.

Posted by Akhil Dhargave on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 16:27pm | #12561

great work..perfect tutorial for beginners..keep it up..plz include tutorials for next level

Posted by syed irfan ulla on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 12:36pm | #12170

Thanks for ur infprmation on Hibernate.Its simple and understandable.

Posted by sambamurthy on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 14:43pm | #12093

Thanks for ur valuable information regarding Hibernate.I started working on that,its very easy.

Posted by sambamurthy on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 14:40pm | #12092

with in no time i learned the Hibernate.
Thanks a lot for providing this tutorials.
Struts Hibernate Integration Tutorial Helped me a lot.

Posted by Sreedhar Adigopula on Saturday, 03.10.07 @ 23:39pm | #11341

Good one
tutorial is best, but don't you have for second level cache tutorial

Posted by Kapil on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 19:52pm | #9964

Best tutorials for the beginers.

Posted by Ankit on Monday, 02.19.07 @ 10:31am | #8358

The notes provided are very useful and simple to understand. Thanks guys...

Posted by max on Tuesday, 02.13.07 @ 18:43pm | #7771

Well done guys.Thanks a million for ur work.Keep it up.

Posted by sai on Sunday, 02.11.07 @ 07:18am | #7303

for beginers this tutorial is very helpful

Posted by Mahendra Kumar on Friday, 02.9.07 @ 11:19am | #6937

This tutorial is very useful, keep it up

Posted by Shain on Thursday, 02.1.07 @ 18:10pm | #5231

I appreciate the effort taken for the presentation, its really awesome.

Posted by Balapani on Wednesday, 01.31.07 @ 04:29am | #4787


Thanks to Author. Its very nice notes to us. Keep it up. Thanks to Roseinida.


Posted by Raj on Friday, 01.19.07 @ 09:00am | #3808

This kind of information for hybernate is very help full for me bcz i thought this is totaly hard technology but not now
thanks for

Posted by vishal kumar on Wednesday, 01.17.07 @ 21:20pm | #3695

This tutorial is extremly useful and of excellent quality .

Looking forward for integration of Struts ,spring and hibernate integtation too.

Posted by kapil Nagpal on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 16:14pm | #2949


This tutorial is very useful . Thanks. Keep it up

Posted by priya on Wednesday, 12.27.06 @ 12:41pm | #2095

Very Good Notes.
Thanks to author

Posted by srinivas on Wednesday, 12.20.06 @ 21:00pm | #1368

Thank you for hibernate tutorial.it was very useful

Posted by farnaz on Sunday, 12.17.06 @ 17:37pm | #1152

Excellent way to start with Hibernate!! Kudos to RoseIndia

Posted by Cherukuri Rajasekhar on Friday, 12.8.06 @ 18:59pm | #656

Thank you very much for hibernate tutorial. It was great and easy to learn

Posted by Melwin on Thursday, 11.30.06 @ 22:39pm | #262

These are really nice tutorial...
i have just begin working on hibernate and ur tutorials are really nice and very easy to understand.

Posted by Vivek on Friday, 11.24.06 @ 09:37am | #66

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