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Servlet Context

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This is your best site for learner java.
This is your best site for learner java. 

typo error
<context-param> .. .. </context-name> </context-param> 

this is good to look this that we can share information from rose india. i am very thankful to rose india and its member and all. it is ultimate job for the fresher and experience as well as working professional. thanks shahnawaz  

servlet context -elaborate
can nyone plz elaborate in simple words the working and use of a servlet context?? 

Error pw.println(context.getInitParameter("Email"); ther must me anothr bracket(see below) pw.println(context.getInitParameter("Email"));  

good job roseindia
as am fresher,this tutorial really helped me alot. as in the beggining i thought servlets will be difficult to undurstand. but this tutorial made it so easy to learn. thanks to roseindia 

note about servlet 

why do we use servlet context in servlet program.  

About Roseindia site
i am very thankful to rose india and its member and all.we shared so much contents related to j2ee from this site.really this site is helpful for beginers as well as developers.  

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