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Moving file or directory from one directory to another



I don't think it is in business,in fact it can not
I don't think it is in business,in fact it can not work well when I tried to move a folder to another dirctory 

I tried using the same way to move files in java b
I tried using the same way to move files in java but the behavior is very inconsistent - it copies successfully but sometimes deletes and sometimes not. Please see if you can suggest some other solution for file movement 

Its very helpfull and reduced the lot of working time of me.nice example. 

Its very helpfull and reduced the lot of working time of me.nice example. 

Need more specification
i m not getting the meaning of statement:- for(File child : childFiles) As i m using java1.4.2_06 and getting error in the program given by you. Please help out. 

i had problems too, i found a solution
I use the line destDir.mkdirs() instead of destDir.mkdir() in the function copyDirectory(File sourceDir, File destDir), and it works It was very helpfull  

Thanks for Moving Files and Directory code
Moving File code has been very usefull. I had been looking around the whole week for something like that. I am doing java at college. Thanks for this code. Could you be contacted in future for some java help? Deo Wisconsin, USA. 

Very Helpful
Explanation with the sample code was very helpful. Thank you. 

Keeping Original Folder/File while Copying
When I try to move a file for example a text file, it doesnt let me but moving a folder will work. What if I wanted to copy the folder/file to another directory and keep the original? 

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