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Removing the title bar of the Frame in Java



I am Student  

running text
how make running text in the title bar with java netbeans?(running text can stop) 

Thanks Very Much !!!!! Domo Arigato Grazzie Danke !!!!! Muchas Gracias !!! If you want to remve a title bar of the JInternalFrame you must use: ((javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicInternalFrameUI) myInternalFrame.getUI()).setNorthPane(nu 

Java Blank Status
I am using the followng code: href="javascript:voidhref="javascript:void( ('http://the sourse I use', '', 'resizable=yes,scrollbars=no, status=no,width=500,height=350'))" The title appears and I seem to be able to control that but I  

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