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My Opinion
In my opinion this tutorial is a great help for newbies ;] Thank you for your help !!!! 

Its good... 

it is very useful for learning jstl 

Good tutorial
Good tutorial with enough examples. 

Got enough information to start authoring my JSP pages and that too in a very short period of time. Kudos to Ramaswamy. 

Amazing Tutorial
it is an amazing tutorial. 

Effort to be appreciated
Great tutorial.. excellent for starters. Though there are slight mistakes/errors to be rectified but still a great work... keep up the good work! 

Cool Tutorial
cool tutorial to jump start on JSTL... Wonderful Ramasamy.. Thanks Siva 

this is vary use ful to us  

its very useful for me. thanks,,,  

Clear & Simple
Don't know any Java or JSTL. But after this amazingly helpful tutorial, I feel confident in implementing JSTL. Saved me $50+ on books that would cover the same thing. Thanks 

Thanks RoseIndia,You done a great job.Thank you for helping me . 

Small and Concise
Excellent tutorial, that can be easily understood by a new programmer. Keep up the good work. 

Great tutorial
This is one of the simplest tutorial for JSTL.It made my concepts of jstl really very strong. 

Good Tutorial
I like the step by step explanation. this tutorial made JSTL easy to learn. 

Error in JSTL tutorials Part 4- JSTL and SQL Tags
In JSTL tutorials Section: JSTL and SQL Tags Example: query.jsp uri="" & uri="" this uri attribute must be with in <%@ taglib /> directive moreover this uri attribute must have fo 

very very use ful
This is very useful stuff for beginers and it covers almost every thing. 

Berif Explain the JSTL SQL part. your Examples are very simple.Add some examples and explain the berif. 

what ever hear is given. That is excellent . but you should add some example of custom jstl aslo.. by the way given content is better... 

thanks for your jstl help
I found jstl examples very helpful and simple thanks  

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