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HTML tags in JSP

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how can we add name=rs.getString(1); <%=name%> <embed src="" width=200 height=400> how can we add name to src here 

how can we add a video to a website using jsp code 

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HTML tags in JSP
the html tag inside the JSP code.  In this example we have used...;title>Use of html tag in jsp code</title> </head> <body>... of html tag in jsp code</FONT> <table bgcolor="#CFE7E7" border 

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stream.A custom action is invoked by using a custom tag in a JSP page. A tag... TagLibrary in Jsp : Tag libraries are declared by using the directive... for using in your JSP code easily and in efficient manner. tagdir: This is also 

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JSP Code  Create a html reader JSP tag that read the html page from a link and will display the contents on the JSP. Do not use include directive 

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page. Html tags in jsp In this example... of the servlet that implements the Jsp page. Html tag... to use a html tag inside a out object. out object is used to display 

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). Before JSP 2.0, we could use only a scriptlet, JSP expression, or a custom tag to include server state in the jsp page output. For more information, visit the following link: 

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JSTL c:if TAG IN JSP In this Section, we will discuss about how to use JSTL tag ' c:if ' in JSP with a simple example. The "c:if" tag...;test" attribute of JSTL "c:if" tag ,have the condition block. EXAMPLE 

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:// <jsp:useBean id="user.../jsp/simple-jsp-example/ can we use beans in jsp  how can we use beans in jsp    

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Tag library  Hi, although i read a lot about tag library in jsp but it's not clear to me please tell me what is tag library and why it's use in struts. Please give me some simple example so that i can make my concept clear 

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be initialized. Example Illustrating the use of the Textarea<html:textarea> tag...; tag. Example code Creating Form Bean : Develop a simple Form Bean...       html:textarea Tag -is use to create  


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Simple HTML example In this section we will give you very simple example of a HTML page. After reading this page you should be able to create simple HTML... pages. Creating Simple HTML page Here is simple example of HTML page that displays