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What is Java I/O?

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program to open a file using password
Sir,I want to make a file to be open upon giving a correct password or else do ,please give me the guidelines to write that one.  

Help on a simple Java program
I need to write a Java program that iterates through all the arguments passed in on the command line and prints them out on the screen. If no arguments are specified, prints a message explaining to the user that they need to supply some arguments. pl 

made life for me easy to prepare for my exams.....Thanks a lot .  

nice job
cool.This is one of the best treatment of java I/O.Congratulations guys 

I struggled to get the full understanding about this java i/o topic from my text book, your tutorial has greatly helped me understand and i'am ready to face any question partening to such during my the exams next week. Thanx  

its is very usefully and i requested expected examples 

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