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Client Side and Server Side coding


I am sandep, got trained in Advanced Java i want to design a web site to my college and currently my half of the project is completed i want to introduce a advanced feature in web site i.e i made a search box as soon as a student enters his roll.no  

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Servelet methods
Servelet methods  In my project we use the sendRedirect method which is nt working in our project i would like to know whether there is any other method which can be used instead of sendRedirect 

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applet and servelet
applet and servelet  How will you establish the connection between the servelet and an applet?  Hi, From applet you can use the URL class to call the servlet. URL servletURL = new URL( location ); URLConnection 

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jsp-servelet,error http404
jsp-servelet,error http404  I am using mysql commandclient to connect with eclipse using jsp and servelet. I keep getting the error hhtp 404. Register.jsp Name:<input type="text" name="userName"/>< 

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servelet and jdbc programming  Write a program using Servlet and JDBC for developing an online submission of an examination form. You are required to create a database comprising of the following fields:- 1. Student Name 2 

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servelet connectivity with oracle using procedure   kindly elaborate how servlet code connect to oracle br using procedure 

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problem in creating web application using servelet, jsp, jdbc and xml  Using Servlet, JSP, JDBC and XML create a web application for a courrier company to provide online help in tracking the delivery status of items.   

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servelets  how the servelet working 

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how to make exampage in jsp ?
how to make exampage in jsp ?  how to make a online exam page in jsp and servelet 

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TYBsc IT final project (MOBILE BASED SMS SEARCH ENGIN)  How to send sms pc to mobile using JSP & Servelet 

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java servlets  hai my question is on xml documentation in creation of a java servlets. whether we have to create for each and every servelet we have to create each xml documentation?   Hi friends Exactly what you 

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