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Crate a Popup Menu in Java

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Date in a Field
HI , In my application i have field(JTextField). I would like to change it to a drop down field where i can select the date. Can i know how can i do it. Thanks in Advance Raghu.........  

WOW I was looking for that for 4 h ,]... thanks
WOW I was looking for that for 4 h ,]... thanks 

import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class Lue extends Applet implements ActionListener{ PopupMenu popup; public void init( String[] args) { MenuItem mi; popup = new PopupMenu("Edit");  

i have no word to express my idea how much i am lucky.but i wouid like to invite u to write clear and concise notes in each step 

Pop Up Menu
Hello, My name is ashok chander punetha. i want need the coding of pop up menu with the hyperlink of our web site. please give me the source code.. thanking you!!!!!!!!1 

Its a good site for getting hands on codes for building robust application in both desktop and web application. 

Java tutorial
Nice tutorial for java programmers like me 

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