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Play Audio in Java Applet

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play sounds
its to good  

for audio programe
first time i am seeing fantastic programe.. 

This tuturial
I tried this program and use a different sound file but has the same extension (.wav)but when I pressed on play or stop nothing happened.I try many sound files that has this extension but every time nothing happened.when I download Sound File U 

About core java
This is good souce code please give me more code like this; 

applet related coading
i need for the applet progaramming so give me aright solution  

Hello to all. new comer 

Reply to Play Audio in Java Applet
I want to know how to play the audio from my system by tha java appletviewer 

problem in audio
i hv tried this code many time bt i cannt b able to run any audio file...plz help me.. thnx 

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