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Create File in Java

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useful for begginers
it is very understanding the java beginnares 

waste this matte i am not understanding ra gutle pukaaaaaaaa 

nice information
thank you for helping us and provide good information about I/O;  


running again the program
Hi, I run the program, first time i see the message "New file "myfile.txt" has been created to the current directory "if i try to run again i can't see message "the specific file alreday exists." I think else clause is needed. Nice exemples!  

your program is not complete by your out_put.
/* complete program is given belows */ import*; public class CreateFile1{ public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{ File f; f=new File("myfile.txt"); if(!f.exists()){ f.createNewFile(); 

new to programming questions
Hi, I am learning Java programming. There are so many libraries for the language. How do I know when to use which library for my program? Thanks. Joe 

i have tested the code and it is really working.thanks. anaway, is there any way that we can convert this using jfilechooser? because i can get the directory when creating the file using jfilechooser 

Else statement is missing
if(!f.exists()){ f.createNewFile(); System.out.println("New file \"myfile.txt\" has been created to the current directory"); } else{System.out.println("The Specified file is already exist");} 

Create a csv file
Sir I would like to create a csv file to save my output // for (int i=0;i<_chromosome.getCities().length;i++) System.out.println(_chromosome.getCities()[i]+","+_chromosome.getCities()[i].x+"," +_chromosome.getCities()[i].y+","+_chromo 

How to save
Hello! Mr or Miss I study java the first time, I don't know what file i save it?  

File handling using JOptionPane
Good day!is it possible to use JOptionPane in file handling?If so, how? 

please help in : how to create a java programs with packages in: addtion in my documents, substraction in my pictures and multiplication on the local disk c and main on the desktop of two numbers  

Data Recovery and planning industry banking
how to do that data reovery in my projects 

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