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Java - Copying one file to another


I would be of great help if you could elaborate a
I would be of great help if you could elaborate a little extra than it is about why exactly buffer is to be used. Regards Keshav 

very good website for begineers and its realy coo
very good website for begineers and its realy cool and simple 

when tryin to run the file to file copy code. am
when tryin to run the file to file copy code. am gettin an errer ; File has not mentioned. But i created 2 files seperately nd renamed f1 nd f2 with those file names . still not workin .. kindly help.... 

George, at the command line type: java CopyFile
George, at the command line type: java CopyFile file1.txt file2.txt where file1.txt and file2.txt are your source(sr) and destination(dt) files. The contents of file1.txt will now be copied into the contents of file2.txt  

Excellent and easily understandable tutorial 

copying one file to another
hi, ive run the sample program and i get the output that the file is not mention,,so for example which part of the program can i actually input the file to be copied and how can i check if the file has been copied...and lastly what file are we t 

i am proud of this website. 

Please help me..
I'm having trouble with this problem written below, can somebody help me ? Please, I need it badly. I know there's a lot of java genius out there... Write a java program that will be able to: a. read text line by line; b. create a directory; c. 

my doubt is not cleared
Iam asking How to copy a file as word document from any format(ex:txt,png,jpeg....) 

I have one doubt
I want to copy a file as word document from any format of file. please give the solution for my problem and send the solution to my ID 

How to pass the username and password from java file to j_security_check. 

Sir How to enter into j_security_check using java? how to connect with url over ssl using java?. 

Senior Staff
You make a comment in the Leap Year Example that leap years are years that are divisable by 4. This is not exactly true. In the Gregorian calendar, a normal year consists of 365 days. Because the actual length of a sidereal year (the time require 

This does not copy the file correctly
Alternate data streams and file attributes are not copied correctly in this example... 

issues trying to write to a non-mapped drive
When I specify a map letter with the file name all is OK. When I try to provide a network path I run into issues for example: \\disk1\path\file does not work but K:\file does work. K: is mapped as \\disk1\path Any pointers would be appreciat 

where to give the files.
i could not understand where i can give the file names.  

It is recommended to close streams in a "finally" block. Thanks for the code. Regards. 

File copy
This is another way to do the same thing from java.io.File parameters. Here, i'm throwing the IOException and leaving the caller to handle it. Also, what is the point of calling System.exit() in the 'catch (FileNotFoundException )' block? pr 

another code
i write a program for same topics but have some problem....it's compiled but not able to run it's copy only single line. /* program to copy a file to new file*/ import java.util.Scanner; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileNotFoundException 

file handling
in file handling how copy the file from one to another file, and how execute, send it with screen diagram...please! 

How a Java Applet is different from Java Application program? Create an Applet program to display your Bio-Data. Make necessary assumptions and use appropriate layout in your program 

java porogram
Write a program in Java to create a file and copy the content of an already existing file into it.  

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