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Show message and confirm dialog box



Really Good !
Hello, This is site is really good and esp. this code is really good. Short and sweet ! Sam.. 

The Program is good Like Visual Baisc Does Java also has MsgBox(" tile", "gggg", sss); API  

is there an example for conection in a data base?? 

error message
I am trying to figure out how to display an error message when the user tries to click on the cancel (X) button on the top right of the message box. could you help me figure this out? Thanks, Mike 

Works great
YOu can combine this with other elemnts 

how to connect applet window with database
i want sample code for the above title 

Thanks a lot
Thank you so much for amazing tutorial :)  


mseeage box in jsp
I want to show a message box with two radio buttons to the user on click of any botton , so pls give the idea about it  

MessageBox initial button selection
Hi, I haven't found a way how to change default button selection of yesNoDialog to No. I want to use the MessageBox as double confirmation before deleting some data and I want to prevent the "instant Enter push" user behavior. Is there any way how to 

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