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Reply We have upload the swing based chatserver
Reply We have upload the swing based chatserver at [url =][/url] location. And we upload the chat server for Jsp very soon  

Hi Sir, Excellent web site for beginners. I wa
Hi Sir, Excellent web site for beginners. I want to Request you to provide examples on REST based web services in JAVA.  

hi sir please include in your example on how to
hi sir please include in your example on how to develop a chat systems using JSP 

how to go to another page
i use to field in html userid and password i submit the form authentication check in jsp the userid and password corrrect it will goto another page of jsp what is the comment of another jsp page i willget 

Jsp configure in SmartFoxserver
can i use jsp in smartfoxserver(web server)..give some notes and how to congigure jsp in smartfoxwebserver 

how deploy ejb application weblogic
how to deploy the ejb application in weblogic 

Hi Sir, Excellent web site for beginners. I want to Request you to provide examples on JSP & SERVLET based web services in JAVA.  

one problem
Hi Sir, Can u pls help me in one problem. How to display the content retrived from database in pages each having 10 lines. 

how deploy ejb application weblogic
how to deploy the ejb application in weblogic. IS there any tutorial for weblogic. Thanks in advance Priya 

yea my friend have
hi Jeliies yea my friend have that project of jsp project that uses oracle database and tomcat server, 

Please some help
Hi friends, can anyone help? I need a jsp project that uses oracle database and tomcat server. The project can be a shopping cart or a gallery once it can create, read, update, delete in the tables of the database. If anyone has such a project can 

How to make login form in jsp
i want to know login form in jsp it should be login and passward......................... 

differance b/w war, jar,ear files
How to create war, jar and ear files and how to deplyo these files  

what is the difference b/w jsp pages under WEB-INF and under rootdirectory 

hi friends,can anyone send me a project of payroll management system with jsp and mysql 

Retrieved Data using struts displayed Excel sheet
hi how to do it From Database data retrieved using Struts and displayed in Excel sheet format in jsp 

plz tell us how we can insert special character like �ã ‡” �‡ �Ý in excel or ms word from jsp 

This JSP tutorial is Excellent. very good for beginners. Ur tutorial helped me a lot. Thanks 

How to make a login form using struts?
Actually I am just beginer for struts.I want know what's the code for login form in struts. 

t.y.bsc IT jsp program
please send me jsp code program for tybscit syllabus 

code requirement
get me the code for JSP with generation of both the text files and xml files 

want code
hi, i want code for comparing date in jsp.The user enters date in text box,which should be compared with system date of local computer,if both date r same then "right" should be displayed in output otherwise "wrong".  

Hi, What is dao, where do we use dao in a project with an example? please send the answer to MailID. Regards, Ramana 

sir, how to insert value from a form into two Sybase database table.pls help me and how to create multiple form in single JSP 

String literal is nt properly closed by "" error
i don know wats prblm here, plz help my code is: <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html" import="java.sql.*" %> <%! String aid1 = new String(" "); String passwd1 = new String(" "); String pass1 = new String(" 

files in java server pages
hello sir, i would like to know code for how to read a file using jsp that is present in same folder or ij web-inf folder. i m using tomcat . please mail to me. regrads swarupa. 

Hi, can you tell me how to get a single record set in jsp by using jdbc. 

Here is part of a project I am doing: User fill in html form which include a SELECT LIST that is populated from database. User submit for validation to ensure all required fields are filled appropriately including the select list. This is done  

sir, I ve successfully installed tomcat 4.1, with environment variables as JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.5.0_14, TOMCAT_PATH=C:\Program Files\java\Tomcat 4.1 and classpath=C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.5.0_14\bin;C:\Program Files\java\Tomcat 4. 

about job
sir please tall me it is a compane or tranning institute? if is there any java vacancy then replay me. ok by . thanking you 

asp to jsp
Hi,can anyone plz tell me how to call a jsp page from asp page? If it is possible then how??? 

How to create Cookie And Session ? What is the difference between cookie and session ? 

how to export to excel sheet
sir, i need to create one report in excel sheet which is till now i am displaying using jsp. plz help me 

pl. solve my problem
i am new with java can any one solve my problem Write a program called LineCensor that asks the user for a word to replace in some text, and the word to replace it with. The program then reads a line of text from the user and echoes the line b 

hiiiiiiii Actually some what i know about JSP. Actually i have created one dropdown box in JSP, i have to get the values from the database where i have created the table into the dropdown box. Plz can u suggest me to do that program 

String reverse in java
Hi, Please send me the code for "Reverse of a string" without using any built in function. 

regarding session
i need, how to pass(display) the text field values from one jsp page to more than one jsp pages using java script with java servlet. can u send me source code immediately 

retaining values in textbox using struts in java
HI, My requirement is that after submitting a textboxvalue ,the value in the textbox should retain so that i can use it for one other action.How can i do this using struts in java Thanks, Kiranmai 

How display on my site weather
Hi, Can you tell me how display on my site weather the coming days in the XML parser from Please. Thank you! Math 

Image Upload
can u plz tell me how can i upload an image which can be seen to the client on the page where it is been placed or want to be placed 

JSP doubt
Designing online application with JSP sir sample program i want sir ple help me sir 

urgent!!ejb2.0+struts+weblogic application
Hi can anyone gime me a sample application for ejb2.0+struts+weblogic application its urgent 

software engg
good service keep it up..  

browse only xsl sheet
how to browse xsl sheet only in jsb servlet 

about this site...
sir, thanks for providing important information regarding java. 

about jsp
hi,sir i am glad to visiting this side.this site very benefitial to student like us .i am final yr computer science engineerine student if u provide any material then pls send email me on my id. thank 

Problem in dealing with transaction
I am having problem in dealing with the transaction.i want to insert records in multiple tables. i am using transaction for this. can you plz help me out. 

problem with multiple tables
What's wrong with this code.. try{ //con=MyConnection.getConnection(); con.setAutoCommit(false); stat=con.createStatement(); spt = con.setSavepoint("svpt1"); stat.execute(qry1); Result 

web designing
its very helpful  

Sample Web Application 3Tire
Hi.. Dear Feiends... I am new to this technologies... please any body have a sample web application in 3Tirer, pls sent me... Thanks in Advance... Zing. Eng 

IT Doubts
I want to develop the JSP coding for checking the given input data(textbox value) is number or alphabets. How can i deveop the coding. please help me. 

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