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Integrate Struts, Hibernate and Spring



Hi Deepak, Its a great thing to put forward an ap
Hi Deepak, Its a great thing to put forward an application integrating struts,spring and hibernate. Most of the download links on this page are broken. Regards Raju 

Hi, The correct file is
Hi, The correct file is I have updated the page. Thanks for pointing out the boken link issue. Deepak 

Hi Deepak, The is n
Hi Deepak, The is not accessible. I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you. 

There are several broken links. Please check the a
There are several broken links. Please check the accordingly. Thanks, Akash 

sir i have not downloaded this code 

good day
notes is good fr learnimg see thi 

Running on Weblogic
How different are the deploy steps to get this running on weblogic server? 

Your Attention Required
Hi Deepak, Most of the download link are broken,beside this it is good approach. Praveen Kumar 

saveErrors issue
Deepak, I have the app working on Weblogic, but I get the error below when trying to login with an invalid username. Any thoughts? java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 

Good One
It is really helpful for quick learning.  

Need Help Urgently
Hi , Can you tell me how to run this application on MyEclipse . CAn you provide me a Login application only of Struts and database combination. 

how can i do this project using eclipse europa ? i want some exemples like this tutorial but using eclipse ide please ?
Hi Thanks for this interesting tutorial !! I can't uncompress the, the file is corrupt. please check href links... Thanks in advance !! Doxumd 

cannot open connection
Just wondering why this problem occurred while i was checking the tutorial.. javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot open connection what do you think might cause this problem.. Thank you 

i can't download the file below
applicationContext-hibernate.xml and please help me!! thanks and best regards!! 

HTTP Status 500 - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.  

more info
I am new to Struts, Spring and Hibernate just started to fallow your example. Can you explain fallowing step further more. Extract "struts-blank.war" into copy the directory "struts-blank" to "integrated\src" and rename the directory struts-blank 

Hi, Can you tell me how to run this application on NetBeans? Thanks!  

Integrating struts,hibernate and spring
Hai, I am manjunath.I got your tutorials.Its very useful to my project.Can you tell how to run this application on netbeans ..and what are the settings i have to do for this application.. please its urgent,anybody can send me a suggestions...  

need applicationContext-hibernate.xml,jdbc.propert
hi Deepak, i am trying to download all the three files build.xml,applicationContext-hibernate.xml,jdbc.propert. but i am getting an error. i am trying to build this application in my local. This article is helping me lot. please  

Broken Links.....
Hi, While going through the above tutorial, I found various broken links for files such as: 1)"applicationContext-hibernate.xml" 2)"" 3)"build.xml". Please provide the complete code of these files as it is becoming reall 

Cannot build
Hi, I have a build fail error, it shows 'Target "build" does not exist in project blank"'. How should I solve this problem? I've done all that is from the above.  

I can't download "applicationContext-hibernate.xml", "" and "build.xml" files 

where is the sql script for database ?
Hi, I downloaded the code but there is no sql script to create the database. plase help. thanks 

Integrating Struts, hibernate and spring on NB6.9
Hi, I am getting an 404 error and the stack trace is like this. Can you please help to resolve this issue. Sep 7, 2010 1:12:22 PM org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader initWebApplicationContext SEVERE: Context initialization failed org.s 

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