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Setting the close button operation for the frame in Java



What if
What if i want to close a "child" window using only a button? (not the close button on the top right of the frame) 

the above post was very helpful.. 

close window
hi i need a help, i created a frame with buttons and labels, and i put two buttons, the first is validate and the second is cancel,so what method should i use to make the frame closes when the user click on cancel, please reply as fast as you can,  

Closing AWT Child frame
Hi, How do I use the close button of the (child)frame to dispose the (child)frame and continue the rest of the application? tHANKS  

thank u
i hv some doubt regardingb AWT windowClosing event...ur site helped me to clear it now...thank a lot..... 

please Update me with some stuff
can you please send me any updated information every week.thanks 

java program
i hava created a java program but i could close the event even the close event is System.exit(0) 

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