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Example of a class variable (static variable)



good to see and read the java content,its great as a student to learn from java and do my assignments using the programme you guyz are incredible and simply spice my reading life 

static variables
thank you for your help! 

Final Static
Hi, Just thought I would let you know that this didn't work for me and I ended up having to use final static, can you think of a reason for this? Thanks Sara 

very nice and informative 

very concept clear code
This code is developing our concept ..... it's very essential code to increase our confidence....  

this is well define defenation with example of static variable and class.. sonu Ranjan 

good explainnation thanq you 

thx, i was having some doubts about the right usage of static variables, they're clear now 

notes provided by you are excellent and very helpful  

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