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Example of static method

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can u give betterexample regarding static method
can u give betterexample regarding static method 

static verses nonstatic class
Can a static class inherit non static class?  

static class
it is realy very helpful to me. 

Nice Help
Static method is very greatfull for all persons... Thanks.......... 

Static Method
Tq for the sample program. it's simple, but very clear. 

static method
this is good example for static method. 

it is very good..... 

satisfied answer
i m satisfied with this example.i want to know about every topc in java with example. please send me. 

Sir I thank you for giving information about Static/non static variable & method. Still i have a doubt. If you don't mind give me the correct introduction about static variable please. 

Stativ method
It is simple and superb that any one can easily understand. Can u provide more information regarding this in the same way? 

static methods instead normal ?purpose
why we need to use static methods.can any one tel 

to day it is not widely used in java
can we access the inner class mamber ?  

awesome concepts
The concepts given at the beginning are very helpful.thanks....... 

invoking static method using instance
I have a doubt.We know,Static methods can't use any instance variables. Then how it is possible... class FinalDemo{ public static void show(){ System.out.println("from super class..."); } } class XtendFinal extends FinalDemo{ public st 

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Example of static method
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