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C String Reverse

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thanks , u have helped me in lot many ways 

answer only C program language
not used pointer. i have input string: vishad output display alphabetical revese output need:vsihda 

Did you test your code before posting? It just switches the first and last char because there is no loop. Try this: ------------------------- #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #define BUFSIZE 40 int reverse(char *s); int main()  

programming C
Write a program to find the number of and sum of all integers greater than 100 and less than 200 that are divisible by 7. 

Programming in ANSI C
A set of two linear equations with two unknowns x1 and x2 is given below: 

Programming in ANSI C
Admission to a professional course is subject to the following conditions; a) Marks in Mathematics >=60 b) Marks in Physics >=50 c) Marks in Chemistry >=40 d) Total in all three subjects>=200 or Total in Mathematics and Physics >=150 Given the  

there is a problem in the code reverse string
the function reverse() shall be defined as below: int reverse(int i) { if (i<(strlen(st)/2)) { char c; for(i = 0;i<(strlen(st)/2);i++) { c= st[i]; st[i]=st[strlen(st)-i-1]; st[strlen(st)-i-1]=c; } }  

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hi need help with C++ programming!
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