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C Structure Pointer

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Structures and Pointers
consider this: #include <stdio.h> struct pple { char* first_name; char* last_name; }; int main (void) { struct pple person, *ptrp; ptrp = &person; printf("\nEnter a persons first name:"); scanf("%s", ptrperson->first 

i am a java beginner.., i learn from ur site only.,i need more classification..., 

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C Structure Pointer
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structures  what will be the size in 64 bits of this structure struct{ int i; char c; }node 

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C Structure
C Structure  Respected sir, Can a structure in C contain a pointer to itself ? if yes means how sir ? plz help me sir 

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operator 3    ->   structure pointer...; inside. The address variable c is 0X3000. And a pointer variable cptr of char data-type. The cptr pointer variable having the address of c variable rather