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Change the user input to integer

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Your tutorials are extremely good and helpful. Ke
Your tutorials are extremely good and helpful. Keep it Up! Thanks and Regards Kapil Tandon Delhi 

your tutorials are good and help me in one critical situation of my project... Thank you.. ShantI Bangalore 

hi, i really thank t the peoples who posted this example . its really helping 

Pass a real string?
What if we pass "ten" to Integer.parseInt? What will it return? i.e. if we pass an actual string, what will it return? 

yo, that is a great example. It helped me understand it better now 

How come you have written it is used to ENTER CHARACTERS THRU THE KEYBOARD??? 

I don't understand how it is used TO TAKE INPUT FROM THE KEYBOARD???? 

the example is really has helped me to understand the concept....thnx for that. the method of explaination is also very good. 

I am trying to learn Java and your prog won't compile in neither Jeliot nor BlueJ output being "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:0 at EnterValuesFromKeyboard.main(" , thanks for the Fucking help you prick!! 

error in program
program using parseint() method shows error , Arrayindexoutof bound 

array out of bounds
this code throws an array out o f bounds exception. 

not run program
when i run this program the we get massage " Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at EnterValues.main(" how i solve this problum 

Sorting with ParseInteger?
if we need sorting same number, user can input some number example input : 35241 82132 we need output is 12345 12238 can u help me...plizzz thanks before... 

how to take input in java
sir,it is a gud example which is easy to understand.But I tried it with out using class,an error has occured.error occured at int a=args[0];I dont remember the eror.but I tried this.It is gud example.Helped me alot.Thank u sir.can u tell me how we ca 

Error in code
what this error means Exception in thread "main" java.lang.array------ while i am to do all programs without command lines statementand after using command line stat. i have got this error in your prog also 

java help me to solve out my conversion provlem 

very nicely explained. clearl picture of java concept. thanks 

Execution of above example
hi wen i execute the above code array out of bound exception is coming.  

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