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Example of Java Stack Program

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thnksss ... for the code ..... 

thanks for the code, however it wouldnt compile until i changed the import to java.util.Stack... weird. 

Thanks This code really help me to use stack. 

what is stack(newinteger(10) i dndt get dat  

thanks ..
Hi..Thanks for the sample code RE: really helps me a lot..hope we learn more from you guys! More power.

Stack Program
it conot be run in a jcreator manny errors. cannot find symbol method push 

thanks a lot for the stack coding
thank you very very much. 

explanation of the StackDemo
hi good day! can you give me the explanation of the Program given entitle StackDemo,,,, thanx  

can i see the interface of that given program above..about stack..thankz.. 

there's must be something wrong?! why do you need to display the variable a? what is the value of "a"? is that an input variable or what ? and you havent push an element .. YOU MUST .. 

example of palindrome progaram using Stacks
pls help me ?? i dont know what to do .. 

I'm so sorry but I still can't understand how this program works. We have a problem in school and it is about palindrome and we need to do this by using only 1 stack. Please tell us more about this. Please help us 

hello. i have compile this program bt it contain 1 error. error is on the line Stack stack=new Stack(); class file contain wrong class:stack. plzz defile it. another question is that can we extend sinmgal class from itself? if yes or no than g 


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