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Password Field in HTML

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changing password coding
there is no coding of changing the password.... could u plz help me tat how can i write the code of changing the password????? nd i hope i'll get the solution after sme tim?? 

Password field + username & submit button
Dear Sir / Madam FYI I'm not infact a web site builder just interested in this field .I'd like to ask if you could send me the way to make a user name , password and submit button attitutes . Thank you  

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Password Field in HTML
Password Field in HTML       When users type characters in a password field, the browser displays asterisks or bullets instead of the characters. Password text field is same 

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Validating the password field  When the validate method returns back to the registration page the password field get cleared there by asking again one more time to enter the password field at the time of re-submitting the form 

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of radio button properly.    Password Field in HTML... Field By using form in HTML, users are allowed to enter or select... Field in HTML are one line areas, which enable the user to enter input text 


jQuery password validation
jQuery password Validation : jQuery "equalTo: "#password" " is the method to validate or check password if the element is empty (text input) or  unequal  password type entered. With the help of this password 

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coding for forgot password
coding for forgot password  coding for forgot password 

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coding for re-type password  coding for re-type password 

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HTML  tell me the coding for Dateofbirth in html.when we fill this field in form the data will be store into database is the sql server... it shows as null. here is the html code for date of birth: <tr> < 

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Coding for forgot password
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