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J2ME Read File

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where should i put the help file ? i got only build , dist ,src ,nbproject at the project file . Where's the res folder? 

Great Work
This will help for lot of people around the world on behalf of every one I thank U. 

edit and save file
Hi, thank u for this..=D But, is there any way that I can edit the txt files and save the new file with the modification? Looking 4ward for your response 

i like your tutorials
i am a computer science student i just discover your site and so far it has benefited me immensly thank you guys 

write to internal file
Hi, Thanks dear sundeep kumar suman, have you any code to write to an internal file(in the resource folder) Thanks alot bye 

Res folder not in netbeans6.8
where is res folder in netbeans 6.8 when i am running this on my mobile it is not dispaling any thing  

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