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J2ME Item State Listener Example



No Exit Command
This program is good description about Item State Listener but no Exit command is provided. It will be good for completing this code 

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j2me  COmmand c=new Command("Exit",Command.EXIT,100);Please expalin abt 3 parameters 


J2ME Item State Listener Example
J2ME Item State Listener Example   ...):- This is the void type method which called when internal state of an Item has been... the ItemStateListener interface in the j2me midlet. The ItemStateListener interface 

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applicationDidEnterBackground Exit
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J2ME Image Item Example      ...;Display.getDisplay(this);   exit = new Command("Exit"...;CommandListener{   private Command exit;   private  


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error in compiling j2me apllication - Applet
videoDisplayingForm=null; Command stop=null; Command exit=null; ErrorPage errorPage=null..."); stop=new Command("STOP",Command.BACK,1); exit=new Command("EXIT...error in compiling j2me apllication  hi, in my j2me application 


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){}   exit = new Command("Exit", Command.BACK... Appending Image into the J2ME Form       After adding item and string, now we are going to add 


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;private Command ok, back, cancel, exit, help, item...;= new Command("EXIT", Command.EXIT, 7);     item = new Command("ITEM", Command.ITEM