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J2ME Image Example

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hi i am 5th year informatic faculty student my graduation project is face recognition mobile application if some one can help please send me any thing ABOUT IMAGE PROCCESSING USING J2ME OR FACE DETECTION AND RECOGNITION ALGORITHMS THANKS 

I want stegnography code in j2me 

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j2me image application
j2me image application  i can not get the image in my MIDlet .........please tell me the detailed process for creating immutable image without Canvas class 

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j2me   Hi, In my j2me application I have used canvas to display an image in fullscreen.In the image there are four points( rectangular areas ). Now I... as button. How can I select a area of an image and add an event to that area 


Creating Midlet Application For Login in J2ME
Creating MIDlet Application For Login in J2ME       This example show to create the MIDlet application for user login . All MIDlet applications for the MIDP ( Mobile Information 

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How to stop the execution of midlet in j2me?
How to stop the execution of midlet in j2me?  Hi, How to stop the execution of midlet of j2me for a specific amount of time? Thanks & Regards, Sivakumar.J 

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Upload image to the server in J2ME?
Upload image to the server in J2ME?  HI Team, I am new to the j2me and now I am working on the program that, upload captured image to the server by using j2me. I did this by using simulator but when I made hit from the mobile 

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calculator midlet  give me code calculator midlet in bluetooth application with j2me 

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of an image in midlet when i put this code in midlet it is showing errors. can u please help ? Regards susmitha...j2me  Hi Deepak, Thank for u earlier suggestion.But i 

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j2me  why we extends class MIDlet in j2me application 

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J2me image use ase smiley
J2me image use ase smiley  Hi , i am developing chat application in j2me i am success full in my work but one thing that i have not find smiley option i do search but cant find please help me to give me code that will add smileys