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List in J2ME

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creating list
hi, this code is working fine in emulator, but when i m installing it in my nokia N73 mobile, i m getting error,like:"application not compatible with this phone". Can ayone help me how to solve this. thanx. 

How List keep To RMS
How List keep To RMS can create DB. and Show list choose? 

You must be using SDK 5. Download SDK 3 and set your java platform SDK to SDK 3. It will work. 

reply to the posted comment
Please check your MIDP version in your project when you built your jar file,it should be 2.0 and also check the MIDP supported version of your device, here N73, they both should be same. 

TextFiled value
this very good site for learning j2me. pls can u send me the code example of how to append the textField value in the list 

nice tutorial .but how to get detail list of files in a specific folder???? 

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