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Display Data from Database in JSF Application



Tutorial is very nice
thanks very much 

well,programming is good,bt it will be more beneficial 4 the student if u explain each programme,means wat is the need of beans and xml. 

JSF database example
Hi, Thanks for the tutorial. It helped me understand the basic concepts of JSF. But I couldnt execute this example which you have shown. The error that I have been encountering is "No property editor for the bean "javax.el.ValueExpression"." at datat 

Element h:column not expected (jdeveloper)
<h:dataTable id="dt1" value="#{datatable.getEmpDat}" var="col" summary="This is a JSF code to create dataTable."> <f:facet name="header"> <h:out 

Hey its a nice code.. was very helpful... suppose if there is an error while connecting to database and I have to display the error.. like a pop up or may be text field or better direct to other page..then how to do it? 

thanks a lot for sharing this example ! 

the examples doesn´t work
sorry but the examples doesn´t work I have: Tomcat 6, Java 1.6 and nothing doesn´t work 

public List getperInfoAll() is not invoked
I tried to run the above example. I am getting an empty table displayed. So i have inculded system.out.print command inside the getperInfoAll() method. This method is never invoked. Please let me know how to proceed 

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