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Designing Database

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difference between primary and foreign key?  

PK vs UK
Primary key: for a relational database to work, every record needs to be identified on its own. Unique key: you can specify that certain data in your dbms must be unique. These are constraints and can be added to more then one field at a time 

primary key and foreign key
A primary key provide a unique way to identify each record in a table. A foreign key may or may not be a primary key in the present table but should be a primary key of another table, thus its purpose is to relate the two tables.  

loginid as Unique Key
As much as I know Unique key can be NULL, and each and every user will be mandatorily have one loginid in this application then why here in the database you declared loginid as a UNIQUE KEY. 

About java
Hi. Give me information about project. 

TYPE is not preferred term
As per the MySQL 5.0 manual - The older term TYPE is supported as a synonym for ENGINE for backward compatibility, but ENGINE is the preferred term and TYPE is deprecated. 

java code
very good coding 

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