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Java error class interface or enum excepted


class or interface error
I have class or interface error. please help: public class Candidates { String candidateName; String candidateAddress; String candidatePosition; public candidate() { candidateName = "Peter"; candidateAddress = "Aburi"; c 

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Java error class interface or enum excepted
Java error class interface or enum excepted... or enum excepted are the class of java error that occurred when a programmer... java error class or enum excepted ,For this we have a class 


Java error identifier excepted
Java error identifier excepted       Java Error Identifier excepted occurred... that help you in understanding the Java error identifier excepted. For this we 

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enum  enum concept is developed based on class concept,but we can extend any class from our class,but why it is not passiable to extend by enum? every class in java directly and indirectly child class of Object class,every enum 

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Inserting a value to an Enum field in Table
, password varchar (10), is_Admin enum('Y','N'), In the Java code I have a user... as a 'N' but I get some database error that says data truncated. How do I set...Inserting a value to an Enum field in Table  I'm writing a code 

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JAVA  I got another error like class,interface or enum Excepted 

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difference between enum and final class?
difference between enum and final class?  what is the difference between enum and final class in java?   The java.lang.Enum is an abstract class, it is the common base class of all Java language enumeration types 

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scanner Class Error - Java Beginners
scanner Class Error  Hello Sir ,When i run the program of Scanner Class ,there is Error Can not Resolve Symbol-Scanner how i can solve..., Scanner class is not provided. Check your version.It should work with java 1.5 


Enum Inversion Problem
. 2005-08-29 The Java Specialists' Newsletter [Issue 113] - Enum Inversion... map the enum to any value that we wanted to, but in this example, I am using... to represent this enum. public interface EnumConverter 


Java error class
Java error class       Java error class  is  subclass of throw able class. This mean the application does not able to catch the error occurred 


Enum Type
a simple example, in which enum works as special class named "Names"... example enum declaration generates a special class "Names", which... of that enum. The super class of all enum objects is java.lang.Enum, apart from this enum 

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