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Date Format Example

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Date Format Example
Dear sir The example is very useful. with best regards chandrasekhar 

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String to date with no format
into a date .. this is simple .. but i want to do it without knowing the date format.... but i want to write a java program to find out dis format for me. the result... date format can be (mm-dd-yyyy) if the 99th record also was 06-06-2006 

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Date format - Date Calendar
Date format  Hi All, I am getting a date from database as a format... field.Every time i need to check the format of the date field and make sure the correct format and then display it. How can i format it using java and also can we do 

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struts2.2.1 date Format example
struts2.2.1 date Format example. In this example, We will discuss about the different type of date format using struts2.2.1. Directory structure of example... Format Example</title> </head> <body> <h2>Date 


Java Date Format Example
Java Date Format Example You can format date in many ways. In this tutorial Format class is used to format the java date in to the different formats... = dateFormat.format(date); You can format the date into specific locale. For example 

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convert current date into date format
convert current date into date format  How to get current date and convert into date format in Java or PHP 

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java format date
java format date  Hi, How can I format the date in the following...) { Date date=new Date(); SimpleDateFormat sdf=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd"); String formattedDate=sdf.format(date 

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Formatting a Date Using a Custom Format
Formatting a Date Using a Custom Format In this section, you will learn how to format a date using a custom format. Java has provide many classes that allow a programmer to format the date and time. Here we have used SimpleDateFormat 

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date format - Java Beginners
date format  how to 45day in dd-mmm-yyyy date format.  Hi...-yyyy", Locale.US); Date d = sdf.parse(timestamp); Calendar cal..."; System.out.println("Date is : " + timestampToParse); Calendar cal = parseTimestamp 

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String to Date format
String to Date format  My Date format is String Eg(Jan 20 2011 ).... How to Change This values Like to database date format Eg(2011-01-20) using java   import java.util.*; import java.text.*; class ChangeDateFormat 

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NSDateformatter format Date
that represent other data types. For example to show the date in string format we'll...NSDateformatter format Date  Hi, What is the correct way of writing NSDateFormatter in string format. Thanks.   For current Date in NSDate