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Display image in the applet

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java applet
please send me tutorials related how to create java applets displaying different scrolling images and each image ishaving different hyperlinks  

Images in applet
Hi, I need to know the method to import images in applet. Can u give me suggestions reguarding how to create a slideshow in java and displaying the data retrieved from any database along with images. 

java applet displaying image
i tried the above program for displaying image but is not displaying any image on my browser. 

quary about it
import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; public class appletImage extends Applet{ Image img; MediaTracker tr; public void paint(Graphics g) { tr = new MediaTracker(this); img = getImage(getCodeBase(), "freelinuxc 

Hi, I tried this program using Netbeans IDE 6.1 but the applet cannot display as sample in online. Error display "Applet not initialized". Please help me. Thank You 

Display image in applet...
Am able to display the image, but when the image is larger, scroll bar is not appearing. How do i enable the scroll bar in applet when larger image is loaded. 

Applet image
Hoe to display 5 images in applet window ? 

Solutin for aazad
If u got earror :- "Applet not initialised then try to include init() in your programe and initialise image into init() ie. init() { img=getImage(getCodebase,"my_img.jpg"); } u have to put your image into the folder where u place your .class  

very gud site
it's really an interesting site.  

I really liked the way of presentation inthis site is.. A common student can understand concepts so I am thanking you for giving me nice informations.. 

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