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Understanding Hello World Java Program


sir please tell me why we use static variable.
sir please tell me why we use static variable. 

After succesful compilation when i give the comman
After succesful compilation when i give the command java HelloWorld i got the error as Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: HelloWorld what is the reason 

can u tell abut answer for this question
class A{ ----- } class B extends A{ --------- --- } public static void main( string args[]) { ------- }is this excuted with out creating object? 

Use of this class
Firstly, I haven't understand ur tutorial and secondly, what is it's use 

how to draw two flowcharts. The first chart will describe how a program called Hello is programmed using C# or Java (your choice) from the very beginning when you write the program to the beautiful end when the program is stored to hard disk to folde 

java program
pliz help me write a jav program that prints 10 multiples of a certain number which are greater than a certain number 

query about the future
hi friends , i am new java, i would like to learn java and j2ee , anyone can provide suggestion or guide . related useful links to easy to learn java. 

Thank you it solved my problem 

Java Programming
Its really good... Thank a lot for making a site like this... 

Nice Tutorial
I read many tutorials in other sites too. But, this one is very easy to understand for Beginners like me. Thanx !!! 

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