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Format date/time using tag of jstl



Need help to format dynamic date
How to format dyanamic date. I tried with the above example and it gave me below exception... JSPG0227E: Exception caught while translating /dateformat.jsp: /dateformat.jsp(99,21) --> JSPG0124E: Custom tag attribute value cannot be runtime expre 

Jstl Date Format JstlFmt Tag
i do have the same problem need help ... 

Thanks - even more useful than the official Docs on the subject! 

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Format date/time using <fmt:formatDate> tag of jstl
Format date/time using <fmt:formatDate> tag of jstl... in this section we will explain how to format date/time as per user requirment by using <fmt:formatDate> tag of JSTL.             

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date_format() date_format alias DateTime::format function returns date formatted according to given format. It returns formatted date on success otherwise False on failure. Description on date_format() PHP public string DateTime::format 

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