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Preparing table for HQL Examples

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Its a good site for have an overview about anythin
Its a good site for have an overview about anything you want to learn. But it need to improved alot in the sense of alignment of the content we dont understand which are the tutorials and which are the advertisement. even explain bit deep... 

hi i have one doubt.i want to retrive data from
hi i have one doubt.i want to retrive data from table in single in sql i write select max(id) from table; for this what query i write in hql 

how to retrive two tables into a single table usin
how to retrive two tables into a single table using hql & what is the query of join two tables.  

its a gr8 site....... whenever i need help i turn to roseindia......... 

linking multiple table and getting values
I have tables like =>Country_Master Country_Id Name =>State_Master State_Id State_Name Country_Id =>Town_Master Town_Id Town_Name State_Id Like this many hierarchy. I want to know how i will get the selected fi 

i wanrt HQl query
"SELECT sum(sessioncount) from sta_attendancedetail sad,sta_attendancemaster sam where staffid=? and reason='CASUAL LEAVE' and year(absentdt)=year(?)and sad.attid=sam.attid" How i convert SQL to HQL? plz help me..... thanks Mohan 

Hibernate Problem
I am new for the Hibernate Technology. I have a 2 tables called 'bank' and 'branch' one to many relationship. When I delete a bank details then It want to check related branches. So, how can I implement this delete function pls help any one  

delete in hibernate
Dear i m new in hibernate technology. now i am trying to delete data from my table but it is not working. i tried to delete by the following example test package roseindia.tutorial.hibernate; import org.hibernate.Query; import org.hibernate.Se 

hiberante questions
iam new to hibernate techonolgy one thing to know that in hibernate if we want to map the mapping between two tables then how to configure data(i mean where to map)will u plz give one with example  

to run hibernate
hi, one thing i want to know that most of the hibernate applications run in my eclipse i want to run my application in tomcat or weblogic will u tell me how hiberante applications runs in tomcat or weblogic plz give me a small example for thi 

about collection interface
hi, i want to know where the most of collection interface and reflection-api is used and plz send me some examples for collection and reflection-api interface along with materilas 

what all drivers are supported by hibern
can i use sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver for hibernate 

How to retrive data from database
how to retrive data from database though hibernate and display it in the client web page 

String hql = "delete from insurance where id = 1"; change the above string as below String hql = "delete from Insurance insurance where id = 1"; 

data selection
How can i select the data using hql from the table contains multiple primary keys 

Can I implement same example using hibernate+jsp? If yse then How? 

Hibernate Mapping Doubts
Hi Team, I need some doubts on mapping methods like one-to-one,many-to-many.Could you explain this. Regards, Mani 

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