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Implementing a Stack in Java

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very very very good source code t
very very very good source code t 

Error in thsi core
stack.push(n) in this we should pass the object but here we are using primitive..then i am trying to use got compile time error str = br.readLine(); n=Integer.parseInt(str); stack.push(n); this is not correct.......... str = br 

Java Learning
Hi Guys, I am Paramjit from india. I want learn Java Programming. I am having very godd logic understanding, and devlopment experience in Visual Basic Programming. But I want to switch to Java Programming. Can you help me to start  

Thanks for this program code. It help me a lot on my assignment!!!! THANKS FOR ROSEINDIA!!! 

u have very build up knowlage good luck.......... 

plese show me a complete programe of stack in java implementation 

y is dat der is an error in d program dat i dowload???it shold b corek bec i copy alredy d hol program 2 c wat is d output and b my basis in making my program.,wat can i say is dat u shold pos ah program w/c do not have an error,,jejejeje 

professor comment
this is very much usefull for IT programmers 

string of stacks
i just wanna know how to implement a string of stack 'coz i don't know how.... i just want to add a record as string then it will add as an entry to the stack and delete each entry string...thanks 

i want to knoe what codes should i use to create stack 

add some more example programs 

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