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Progress Bar in Java Swing

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i am a newer java devenloper and i would like to receive more articles of java development, especially about the way and rules to devenlop a good aplication using java with good user interface using swing and awt. Thanks. 

swing applet in jsp
hi my question is for SwingProgressBar. i want to upload the progress bar in jsp. so how? can i have to make swing applet? how? 

swing code
good for swing devlepoer 

can u give me a all elements tutorial java swing please  

progress bar
it's a great help to me and i am very happy by reading this example 

upload & thn display selected image frm dlgbox
I have done my java project in netbeans. In my project,first user shold select any .jpg image from file dailogbox & then it will diplay on JPanel after uploading process.....like in ORKUT so plzzzzzzz......reply must thanx a lot........in advanc 

Description of both args of constructor is incorrect. It's not the initial value and the incrementation value, it's the min and max values. In this code example, it is not incremented by 20, it is incremented UNTIL it reaches 20. The constru 


i need a processbar to upload and download a file which shows the processing also that is updation . 

Please avoid complicating examples
People (such as me) at an early enough stage of learning Java to need a progress bar code example program is likely to find an example significantly more difficult to understand if non-essentials are included in the program, such as button/s & sound. 

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Progress Bar in Java Swing
Progress Bar in Java Swing     ... in java swing. This section shows you how the progress bar starts and stops with the timer. Through the given example you can understand how the progress bar 

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